Upgrade Kits for Magnetek/Parallax
  Boondocker Converters
  Replacement Lower Converter Assembly for WFCO 8955
  Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power Converters
  WFCO Converters
  Airstream Converters and More
  TriMetric Battery Monitor
  Iota DLS Converters
  Parallax Magnetek Converters
  Centurion CS 3000 Replacement
  Elixir Replacement Converter
  American/Centurion CS 6000 Converter
  Pop Up and Small Camper Converters
  Zamp Solar
  RV Surge Protectors
  RV Power Protection EMS
  SmartPlug Inlets and Cordsets
  Parallax Paramode with TempAssure
  Lithium Battery Converter Chargers
  Cotek Inverters & Chargers
  Samlex EVO Inverter Chargers
  Samlex Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  Xantrex TrueCharge2 Chargers
  Xantrex Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Chargers
  Specialty Converters
  PowerAll Jump Start and Charger
  WFCO Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  Inverter Class T Fuses
  Distribution Panels
  DC Fuse Panels
  Transfer Switches
  Water Pumps
  Water Heaters
  SeeLevel Gauges
  AGM Batteries
  Dinosaur Electronics
  Circuit Breakers and Fuses
  RV Outdoor Power Outlets
  Solar Charger Maintainers
  Adapters Plugs Receptacles
  Battery Disconnects
  Battery Minder Battery Chargers
  Automatic Load Shed
  12 Volt LED Interior Lighting
  Pressure Pro
  24 Volt Converters
  48 Volt Converters
  240 VAC Converters (European)
  Marine Battery Chargers
  Spendide Washer/Dryer Repair
  Optimate Chargers
  Victron Energy
  Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries
  CPAP Lithium Power Packs
C30303BM30PB 30 Foot Cordset with Black Inlet C30303BM30PB
C30303BM30NT 30 Foot Cordset with Stainless Inlet C30303BM30NT
BDCOAX TV/Internet Connector BDCOAX
B50ASSYPB 50 Amp Female Connector and Black Inlet B50ASSYPB
B30ASSYPB 30 Amp Female Connector and Black Inlet B30ASSYPB
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About Us

Best RV and Truck Supply, LLC (Bestconverter.com) is a retired veteran and family owned small business with several employees located in Enterprise, Alabama.  We are a "brick and mortar" business and warehouse our products for fast shipment and lifetime customer support.  Randy is a retired Army attack pilot and his lovely wife and partner Lauri enjoyed her career as a nurse as they served and traveled the world while raising two daughters.  Our business began in 2002 but our RVing experience and expertise goes back many years before that.

We provide DC Power supplies, converters, inverters, chargers, solar systems, batteries, monitors and many other electrical supplies to RV, Marine, Fleet Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Municipalities, Government, Dealers, Dealerships, OEM, Restoration Groups and Owners.   We also provide consulting services to Recreation Vehicle and other industry Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM.)  We offer a unique combination of high level professional advice, low prices and lifetime technical support. Our staff is knowledgeable and committed to customer satisfaction. 
We have distribution points in Alabama, California, Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida so your products will arrive prompt, well packed, and in perfect brand new working condition.  We do not sell used or re-manufactured products.

We are here for technical advice, support, installation questions, orders and general questions every day including evenings, weekends and holidays. You can also email your questions to sales@bestconverter.com and you will get a prompt reply.