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Airstream Converters Univolt

Airstream has used many different power converters and distribution panels over the years and the name "Univolt" has been commonly termed for all of them.  Some of the original units were actually labeled "Univolt"  Today's technology is far advanced from the old Univolts and a modern switch mode converter will undoubtedly increase the performance of your DC system and battery charging capability.
Many older "Univolts" also housed the DC distribution fuses as well.  Since these are no longer produced, a separate fuse panel must be installed.  This is not a difficult job.  Here is a typical wiring diagram to illustrate installing a modern deck mount converter with a separate fuse panel. 
If your unit has a separate DC distribution panel located on a wall for instance, you do not need a new fuse panel unless you want to replace glass fuses with modern automotive blade style fuses common in new RVs. 
When installing a modern converter, you will not have use of the AC power-on light found in most Airstream control panels.  Here is the Bill Worden method to make the power-on light work when connected to AC shore power. 
Most any deck mount converter can be used to replace the older Univolt however we recommend the Powermax Boondocker.  They are very reliable, efficient, have a great 4 stage charge profile and the best warranty (3 years)

            Powermax Boondocker             

Newer Airstreams use the Parallax 7355 (30 amp service) or the 555 (50 amp service power center with a single stage converter/charger section.  If you wish to upgrade to a multi-stage converter/charger, we have the upgrade kits for the 7355.  Keep in mind that 30 or 50 amp service refers to the incoming AC service only and converter/chargers are rated in their DC output.  Both the 7355 and 555 are 55 amp converters.

Kits for the 7355
       Inteli-Power Upgrade Kit                                                Ultra III Upgrade Kit 

There are currently no kits for the 555 however many people are changing out the lower converter section with a deck mount converter such as the Boondocker PM4B-60, 4 stage.  It's not a difficult job to do the conversion yourself.  Many thanks to Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer for providing photos of her upgrade to the Boondocker PM4B-60