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Automatic Load Shed


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ALS 20 Automatic Load Shed
ALS 20 Automatic Load Shed
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The ALS 20 automatic load shed is designed to automatically switch off a secondary load in a high current situation.  This allows for the connection of two high current devices to a single 20 amp breaker. 

Typically the ALS 20 will be configured so that when an on demand current is at a very high level the ALS 20 will automatically shed, or disconnect a secondary load such as a water heater whose operation can be temporarily postponed without directly affecting the user.  This situation would normally occur by activation a high current device such as a microwave or hair dryer.  In addition, the ALS 20 may also be installed to allow for the operation of more than 2 thermostatically controlled devices on a 120V 30 Amp service.

After the current demand drop, and a short safety delay, the ALS 20 will automatically switch the disconnected load back on.

Fully automatic and no maintenance required.



120 Volt, 20 Amps

Relay: DPDT rated 30 Amps

Coil: 110 volts DC

Input: 120 VAC, 20 Amp protected branch circuit

Priority Load Circuit: 120 VAC, 20 Amps MAX.

Shed Load Circuit: 120 VAC, 18 Amps MAX

ETL Listed for USA and Canada.



4.75 wide, 4.125 tall, 6.250 long

Mounting baseplate—6.25 long, 6.00 wide

Weight: 3.75 lbs. 


Not ignition protected