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  Boondocker Main Board Assembly for WFCO 8955
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  Spendide Washer/Dryer Repair
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A1001 Weatherproof Cover for 30A and 50A A1001
BDCOAX TV/Internet Connector BDCOAX
B50ASSY 50 Amp Female Connector and Stainless Steel Inlet B50ASSY
BF30 30 Amp Female Connector Assembly BF30
DC250-6 Fullriver 6 Volt 250 AH AGM Battery DC250-6
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Boondocker Converters


Great for standard flooded wet cell or AGM batteries! 

Our most popular deck mount converter.  Second generation Boondocker Series deck mount 4-stage converter/charger with industry leading 3 year warranty.  Replaces any brand deck mount converter/charger.  The Boondocker series converter/chargers include new enhanced fan control for optimum cooling.  Cooling fans are extremely quiet.  
Whether you camp at RV parks or out in the wilderness, the Boondocker converter/chargers will maintain your DC power supply and batteries perfectly under all conditions.

Note:  The old PM3/4 models are discontinued for RV use and have no warranty unless it was original equipment in your RV.  The 55 amp has also been replaced with the 60 amp model.
Only the Boondocker models include the 3 year warranty.  Boondocker models also include higher 14.6 VDC boost mode for faster charging over our original PM and PM3 models.  
Also available... 24 Volt    48 Volt   12 Volt Adjustable
12 Volt Deck Mount
12 Volt Deck Mount
May be mounted in any position
Power Centers
Power Centers
Wall Mount
Main Board Replacement
Main Board Replacement
For WFCO 8900 ANP or PEC
Automatic Transfer Switches
Automatic Transfer Switches
24 Volt Deck Mount
24 Volt Deck Mount
 Products (Total Items: 3)
PowerMax PM4B-20-48 (20 Amp 48 Volt 4-Stage Converter/Charger)
PowerMax PM4B-20-48 (20 Amp 48 Volt 4-Stage Converter/Charger)
Your Price: $220.00
9 Position DC Fuse Panel
9 Position DC Fuse Panel
Your Price: $35.00
PD5000 30 Amp AC/DC Power Control Panel
PD5000 30 Amp AC/DC Power Control Panel
Your Price: $73.50
The Boondocker series units deliver exceptionally clean AC to DC power for Battery charging or as DC Power Supply.
All Boondocker units share the same physical dimensions (10.5" X 7" X 3.5") except the 100 amp model which is (12.5" X 7" X 3.5")
14.6 Boost Mode Output
13.6 Normal Mode Output
13.2 Float/Storage (trickle) Mode Output
Over-temp, Over-current Protection
Temperature tested to 160 F
105-130 VAC Input Operation
Reversed Polarity Voltage Protection
>85% Efficiency
Safe, Cool, Quiet & Reliable Operation
<1% Load Regulation
Filtered DC Output (Works with or without a battery)
Thermostatically Controlled, Variable Speed Quiet Cooling Fan
Standard 15 Amp, 3 Prong Power Plug on all Models.
Power Factor Correction on 75, 80, and 100 amp models.
3 Year Hassle Free Limited Warranty