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Magnetek/Parallax 6300/7300 Upgrade Kits

These units are specifically designed to upgrade the converter/charger section and DC fuse board of all 6300 and 7300 series Power Centers.  It doesn't matter what manufacture of the 6300 or 7300 series you have, whether it was Magnetek, or Parallax.  There are even a few B-W Manufactures left out there.  It doesn't matter!  They are all the same and changed names over the years though the DC fuse board might have cosmetic differences.  The 6300 series (6325, 6332, 6336, and 6345) were originally produced by Phillips and then B-W Manufactures and eventually sold and produced by Magnetek.  Magnetek manufactured the same exact units until sold to Parallax.  The letter identifier at the end of your older product number such as "Q" series is irrelevant.  There were also a limited number of private labels of these products over the years but they are all the same and our upgrade kits work with ALL of them.
If you currently have any Parallax 7300 series (7345 or 7355) you already have a modern DC fuse board and can skip the steps in the instructions for replacing the fuse board except you will need to connect the new converter section to that fuse board.  If you have any 6300 series, you DO need to replace the DC fuse board. 
If you choose the Progressive Dynamics brand upgrade (PD4635, PD4645 or PD4655) there is an optional remote control now available that is very handy to monitor the status/mode of your charger and manually select or override the automatic charge mode.  This is often handy when using a generator for a faster charge or to manually select the float/storage mode for extending battery life.  It's a great addition and not one customer has returned one. 

 Products (Total Items: 6)
PD4635 35 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
PD4635 35 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
Your Price: $183.50
45 Amp Converter Replacement Kit
45 Amp Converter Replacement Kit
Your Price: $197.50
PD4645 45 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
PD4645 45 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
Your Price: $187.50
55 Amp Converter Replacement Kit
55 Amp Converter Replacement Kit
Your Price: $213.00
PD4655 55 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
PD4655 55 Amp Converter Upgrade Section
Your Price: $197.50
Door Latch (4 pack)
Door Latch (4 pack)
Your Price: $10.00
No more over-charged batteries!

Available in 35, 45 or 55 Amp models, Our upgrade kits are designed to replace Magnetek, B-W Manufacturing, and Parallax 6300 or 7300 or 8300 Series lower converter-charger sections.  All kits have built-in 3 or 4-stage charging and 100% filtered DC output.  No cutting or splicing required. For additional photos, check out our converter upgrade link.  

Output voltages are (13.2 VDC Float, 13.6 VDC Normal, and 14.4 VDC Boost) The multi-stage charge technology is built-in to the converter.  No need for an external charge module.

Kits include the converter/charger, new DC fuse block, two 30 Amp fuses, AC pigtail, 6 AWG DC wires, and all hardware necessary to make the conversion.  Simple to install.  

* If you look at the back of your existing DC fuse block, positions 1-6 are not filtered from the battery because they do not connect to the battery positive lug.  Positions 7-9 are filtered but only if you have a battery installed.  With the new fuse block, all branch circuits are filtered with or without a battery (from the converter), to provide clean DC output to ALL of your DC appliances and accessories.  The two additional 30 Amp fuses are provided for reverse polarity protection.  The new fuse block mounts in the exact same position, using the existing holes and supplied screws. 


Installation Instructions