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TriMetric Battery Monitor

/Born in the USA | Mary Sherwood Lake Living and Interior Design at ... New Three Year Warranty Standard on all Inovonics products ...

What we like about the Trimetric is that there are no bugs or surprises.  Of all the systems we've tried, the Trimetric is the easiest to install and program.  We have carried the original Trimetric for 12 years and the 2025 and 2030 since they first hit the market and not one failure to date! 
Trimetric products purchased through have a 3 year no hassle warranty.
   2020 Install            2025 Install          2025 User Guide     What is a Shunt?

  2030 Install          2030 User Guide       2030 Quick Ref
Click on the product photos to build your Trimetric system.
 Products (Total Items: 12)
SC-2030 Charge Controller
SC-2030 Charge Controller
Your Price: $127.50
Trimetric 2030RV Battery System Monitor
Trimetric 2030RV Battery System Monitor
Your Price: $147.50
Trimetric 2030A Battery System Monitor
Trimetric 2030A Battery System Monitor
Your Price: $147.50
Trimetric 2025RV Battery System Monitor
Trimetric 2025RV Battery System Monitor
Your Price: $143.50
TriMetric 2025A Battery System Monitor
TriMetric 2025A Battery System Monitor
Your Price: $143.50
TriMetric 2020 Battery System Monitor
TriMetric 2020 Battery System Monitor
Your Price: $139.00
500 amp/50mv Shunt
500 amp/50mv Shunt
Your Price: $30.00
100 amp/100mv Shunt
100 amp/100mv Shunt
Your Price: $28.50
Meter to Shunt Cable
Meter to Shunt Cable
Your Price: $31.00
Lightning Protector
Lightning Protector
Your Price: $30.00
Wiremold Double Gang Box
Wiremold Double Gang Box
Your Price: $12.00
Managing 12 Volts
Managing 12 Volts
Your Price: $18.00
The TriMetric battery monitor is designed to assist in battery care, conservation and system maintenance.
It provides information on battery "volts", "amps" and "amp-hours" and "battery percent full" information, based on measuring the amp-hours removed from the battery system. Reliability, accuracy and simplicity are key product objectives. The TriMetric
requires an external shunt located near the batteries to measure "amps" and "amp-hours".  The meter may be located anywhere in your coach. 
Optional Lightning Protector extends warranty to include lightning strikes.
TM-2025 improvements over TM-2020
  • The TM20205 is easier for you to program the necessary system parameters.
  • The TM2025 has some minimal data logging, which can be useful for a technician to diagnose some common setup or operational problems with battery systems.
  • The TM-2025 will operate with (nominal) battery systems from 12 to 48V. The TM-2020 will operate with 12 or 24 V systems, but requires the addition of the  TM-48VA Adapter and lightning protection board when using it with 48V battery systems. This also provides lightning protection for the TM-2020.
  • The TM-2025 can also monitor the voltage only of a second battery, such as a starting battery, or possibly also the input voltage of a solar array (if less than 100 volts.)
  • The TM-2025 has a simplified level of operation suitable for most users, but can be configured for more flexibility (and complexity)  where occasionally required.
  • (For the technically knowledgeable only): It has a serial data output of all the real time datawhich could be used to access data for other control or output in, for example OEM applications.
  • The newer TM-2025 includes better lightning protection.
  • It is easier to view and enter programmed parameters..
  • It is about typically about $15 more than the TM-2020.  For 48V systems  it is less expensive than the TM-2020 because it does not require an extra 48 volt adapter.

There are three possible choices for the TriMetric: TM-2020, TM-2020-RV, TM-2020-A.

Back of 2020 meter with optional lightning protector. 
Back of Meter without Lightning Protector. 

Meter to Shunt Cable (shunt end)

Meter to Shunt Cable (meter end)  

Meter to Shunt Cable (both ends)