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B50ASSYPW 50 Amp Female Connector and White Inlet B50ASSYPW
B30ASSYPB 30 Amp Female Connector and Black Inlet B30ASSYPB
BF30 30 Amp Female Connector Assembly BF30
BM50PB 50 Amp Black Inlet with Cover BM50PB
BM50PW 50 Amp White Inlet with Cover BM50PW
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DLS Series 24 Volt

Iota DLS 12 and 24 volt power supplies (converter/chargers) are available with or without the IQ4 charge controller.  Additionally, the IQ4 is available built-in to the unit or as an external add-on.  Many prefer the external option to monitor the LED indicator light away from the unit.  The LED blinks to indicate which charge mode the DLS unit is currently in (Boost, Absorption, or Float.)  IQ4 function is identical whether built-in or external.
 Products (Total Items: 5)
IQ4 Smart Controller 12/24 Volt
IQ4 Smart Controller 12/24 Volt
Your Price: $19.25
IQ4 Parallel Controller
IQ4 Parallel Controller
Your Price: $23.10
DLS-27-15  24 Volt 15 Amp
DLS-27-15 24 Volt 15 Amp
Your Price: $197.50
DLS-27-25 24 Volt 25 Amp
DLS-27-25 24 Volt 25 Amp
Your Price: $217.00
DLS-27-40 24 Volt 40 Amp
DLS-27-40 24 Volt 40 Amp
Your Price: $270.00
Using state-of-the-art, switch-mode technology, IOTA Power Converter/Battery Chargers are engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind. Extra care has been given to insure many years of service-free operation, even when subjected to extremely harsh conditions. Batteries are charged quickly and efficiently without over-charging and pumps, motors, and fans operate perfectly for prolonged life.
Exceptionally clean DC output
insures pumps, motors, fans, and lights work perfectly. This means longer life for any connected load; virtually no AC ripple to cause static or premature failure of radio or television equipment.

Quickly and efficiently charges batteries
from the full rated output of the IOTA battery charger. The battery charger then maintains the batteries, only putting into the battery what is required by load or self-discharge, cutting back to milliamps as the battery requires.

Protection against low and transient AC line voltage
as well as spikes coming from the AC power source or from improperly adjusted generators, a major cause of converter/power supply failure.

Meets F.C.C. criteria, minimizing radio and television equipment interference
especially on the lower frequency bands.
Can be used with or without a battery
When used as a converter/power supply, the IOTA power converter will only supply what is required
by the load. When not in use it is essentially off, reducing electricity usage.

Lower operating temperature
half that of some switch mode electronic models, even in its subcompact size.
This means substantially longer life and safer operation.

Tight line-load regulation
ensures that the output voltage holds steady from no load to full load.
This keeps pumps, motors, and lights working at the correct voltage even during
brown-out situations.

Proportional Fan Circuitry
provides an extra measure of protection. During times of heavy load demands,
the automatic circuitry will activate the fan before thermal stress can
occur on any internal components.

External fuses protect the IOTA unit against improper wiring
and can be quickly and easily replaced.

Multiple units can be operated in series or parallel
to increase amperage for additional power.
What the IQ4 can do for your batteries

Reduced Charge Times
The Bulk Stage allows the batteries to be charged from the full rated load of the battery. During this stage the batteries are recharged quickly to reduce charge times.
Increased Battery Capacity
After the Bulk Stage, the batteries are held in the Absorption Stage for a controlled period, insuring a full and complete charge.
Reduced Battery Stress
During the Float Stage, the DLS charge voltage is reduced. This minimizes gassing while maintaining a full charge at the nominal rate of the battery.
Weekly Equalization for Longer Battery Life
If the batteries have not received a "smart charge" during a seven-day period, the IQ Controller will switch the DLS charger into a pre-programmed equalization stage to top off the batteries, dissolving any sulfate layer on the battery's internal plates and avoiding stratification.
LED Indicator
The LED Indicator on the IQ4 informs the user as to the status of the battery and the charging stage. When first activated, the IQ4 will read the number of cells in the battery and indicate the voltage of the battery through a number of flashes.

6 flashes = 12 volt battery
12 flashes = 24 volt battery
18 flashes = 36 volt battery
24 flashes = 48 volt battery

After reading the battery, the IQ4 will initiate either a Bulk Charge phase or Float Charge phase depending on the battery's charge status. When the IQ4 is in the Bulk Charge mode, the green LED indicator will flash rapidly. When the Bulk Charge is complete, the IQ4 begins the Absorption Charge and the LED indicator will flash at a slower rate. When the battery charging is complete and the IQ4 begins the Float Charge, the LED will remain lit and no longer flash. If, when first activated, the battery is not in need of charging, the IQ4 will immediately begin the Float charge phase and the LED will be remain lit after it has counted the battery cells.
Charging Voltages
The charging voltages used to charge the battery during the three stages differ depending on the voltage of the battery being charged. If you are interested in knowing the various voltages, they are easy to calculate. Follow the simple steps below:

1) Determine the number of cells your battery has by counting the flashes on the IQ4 when it is first activated (1 flash = 1 cell)
2) Multiply the number of cells by the appropriate voltage for the individual charging stage. Use the table below for reference:

Charging Phase Voltage Charge per Cell
Bulk Charge 2.46
Absorption Charge 2.36
Float Charge 2.26
Example: A 12V battery (6 cells) will Bulk Charge at 14.76V (6 x 2.46).