Just wanted to say Thank You to Laura and your company for the excellant service I received recently. I'm wintering in Ajo,AZ,and received my new converter in just 2 days.Amazing service.
Bill P.  Warden, WA
Just wanted to thank you for your assistance and prompt service with my converter problems. Converter is now in the MHand working perfectly. Again, thanks for great service.
Stew M.
Randy, Just wanted you to know my new Power Max converter is installed and working well. So well that my friend has ordered one today from you to replace his WFCO converter. Your quick response to my inquiry resulted in my recommendation to him. Keep up the great customer service, it's hard to find these days.
Jim Z.  Monticello, KY
randy, my name is michele and you helped me get the right upgrade for my p-lax 7300 in my airstream tt. thank you for the patience as i am very new to all this. a woman never forgets a helpful hand in an area of ingnorance. i felt guidance not preyed upon. i was happy to purchase the pd4655 from your company. i hope it serves me well. michele c.
You guys have a great business. When my power converter died, I thought it was going to cost a lot of money, and take a long time to get it back up and running. I was wrong. I was able to find the replacement part on your website, have it 2nd day delivered, and installed it myself in 1 hour, all for about $120.
Rich R. Los Gatos, CA
Hi Randy,
I has been 6 long months since I deluged you with questions before finally ordering a converter for my trailer.
I have not written sooner because my husband decided to wait until this spring to install the converter.
This message is to tell you so far I am extremely pleased with the purchase. The converter is silent while the old made noise every time it started to work and my husband had no issues installing it.
I have already told my friends about the wonderful service and savings I received by using through your on-line service. Sometimes, as we have all heard, a risky venture.
My next step is to post a review on your website. 
Thanks again.
Patricia L.  Orleans, ON Canada
Just want you to know what a pleasure it was to do e-business with you. You responded quickly and knowledgeably. I ordered a replacement unit and it came in the time frame you said it would, packaged well. Notification e-mails were complete and send in a timely fashion. And... the price was right. I'll remember you the next time I need something.
Thank you,
Chris R.  Idyllwild, CA
To Cherie: I just wanted let you folks know how pleased I am with my PD9260C, also, the service and the speed in which my order was handled. I will recommend you folks and will probably do business with you again in the future.
Bob B.
Spring Creek, Nevada
Thank you for your kind (and extemely prompt!) reply.  Upon talking to you I determined it was the old batteries 
(around 5 years old and aways plugged into the old converter) that were shot.  Replaced the batteries along with
your wonderful converter everything looks great!  Will continue to monitor with the multimeter but expect everything
to be okay.  Thanx again!
Mike C.  Bellingham, WA
Randy, You helped me decide on adding which inverter and upgrading my charging system from the stock WFCO on my Raptor 5th wheel. I ended up getting the IOTA 75w w/IQ4 converter/charger, Xantrex 1000w Pure Sine Wave and the RV TriMetric monitor w/shunt. Finally got it all routed and installed this weekend. What a difference. The IOTA works perfect and charges better than stock by far. And the monitor tells me exactly what's going on rather than assuming before with the stock three light system of "Fair to Good". I'm very pleased with the final results.
Steve E.  Portland, OR
Hello Cherie.
It is one day short of a week since I mailed off my order to you for a 9200 series converter.  This evening at about 7.30 pm, Fedex was at my door, delivering the unit.  I really thank you for this excellent service. The US mail and Fedex also did a fine job, But I'm amazed at how fast the unit arrived.
Now I have a small job for tomorrow.
You folks really are THE BEST!!
Sincerely,   David L. D.

Randy, thanks for the great advice for the Iota DSL55 with IQ4 as a direct replacement for my old Magnetek. It was not only super easy to install, but this is the first time in a long time that my batteries are fully charged. You did not try to sell me the most expensive converter that you had, just the best one for my particular situation and for that I offer you thanks.
Maurice S.  01/31/2011
Hi Randy, I received the PD 4655 on Friday and installed it on Saturday. The only problem was installing the new fuse board. Lazy Daze doesn't give you much wire to play with. but I was able to make it work. It took 2 hours and most of that was wiring the new fuse board. It also included the 2 new 30 amp fuses. The rest of the job went very smoothly. I am very please with it. I appreciate you recommendations and the help you gave me to help me make an informed decision. I have also wrote an email to lifewithalazydaze user group telling them of my experience and my trust in you. Thank you again for all your help.
Kevin H.  Poulsbo, WA
Hi Randy, I received the Trimetric 2025 RV yesterday and got it hooked up today. Appears to be working as described in the manual. Looks like I didnt burn the meter out with improper wiring (at least not yet). Your ready made meter cable was a dream. Made life a lot easier. Thanks a lot! Now I got to get up the courage to wire up an inverter someday.
Thanks, Bob F. Bend, OR
Hello Randy,
Well, today I finished the IOTA install in my RV including replacing the 50 AMP DC circuit breaker and #6 AWG wire with an 80 AMP and #2 AWG wire.
Fired up the generator and the IOTA rocks! Initial battery voltage was 12.3 and the IOTA when into bulk mode at 14.7 v and 60 amps!
Over a few minutes, it decreased to 37.4 amps. I then turned on every DC load in the RV (22 total amps as measured separately by my TriMetric)
and the amp input into the batteries did not decrease at all!
When I tried this on my WFCO at the same initial voltage (12.3), it was charging at 13.6 v and 13.5 amps. As I added DC load  the amps to the battery DECREASED to 2.5 amps of charging current.
The IOTA charged my 5 AGMs more in 10 minutes then my WFCO did at 13.6 v in 6 hours!
I had my brother-in-law, Norm, call you with the same problem. Thanks for taking care of him!
A very satisfied customer.
Simi Valley, CA

Randy, Kristin,
I just wanted to say thanks and that this was an extremely easy swap! Glad I stubled across your website and the see now why everyone recommends you so highly! Its refreshing to see that there are still people and companies that believe in customer service/satisfaction. I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone that I hear has an electrical issue.
an extremely satisfied customer,
Arthur S.  Gloucester, VA
I purchased the Elixir to WFCO upgrade when my power converter blew out. It came when it was supposed to, and when I had a couple questions Randy answered the phone, and my questions. Dependbility like that is hard to find now days. Thanks.
Paul. South Jordan, UT
Randy, Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the swift and courteous response you folks demonstrated in resolving a problem I encountered with my Converter/Charger. I will certainly make my fellow RV's aware of a company that values its customers and, at the end of the day, will stand behind its product. Thanks again.
Errol R.  Mandeville, LA
Randy - It may not be the highlight of your day...but it sure was mine!!!   That DLS (Iota) converter was the problem solver.  I installed it and man it works great!  Thanks for recommending it!!!  Hope to do business again!
Jim S.  Bulverde, TX
Hi Randy,
I just wanted to say thanks for steering me in the right direction.  I purchased the PD4655 for a great price and just finished installing it.  What a difference!  It was definitely the answer to our problem.  It has been very frustrating dealing with the lack of 12v power without knowing for sure what the problem was.  All signs pointed to the converter, but I didn't want to invest the money without knowing for sure. Thanks again Randy!
Regards, David T. North Fort Myers, FL

Thank you so much for your amazing service? Randy returned my call about 12:30 PM on Wednesday. He recommended a converter to replace my old one, overnighted it, I received it about noon today, installed it in about 30 minutes, and it works perfectly. I have read that you were good people to deal with, with a can do attitude we don't see much anymore, and have an old school attitude about customer service. I am now a true believer! You will get all my future business on the parts you offer.
Sincerely, Ardis A.  Coushatta, LA

Hi Randy, I wanted to take a second to say thank you. I had emailed you
last year about problems I was having with my Todd converter, and was
thinking about replacing it. Well the Todd finally wouldn't work at all, so
I ordered a WFCO 8735 like you had suggested. After looking at the size and
the space that I had to install it. It was the best fit and allowed for
more power.
I was able to swap out the old Todd, make the hole lager to fit the 8735,
and hook up all the wires in about 2 hours.
The new unit has worked great for us, and I will not have to spend time in
the campground anymore pulling my converter apart to change a blown fuse
(it happened in the old Todd about once a trip).
I have already started to make use of the extra DC power, by adding extra
outside lights, and some other upgrades.
Thanks again,
Ken C.
Ephrata, PA

Randy, received the unit you sent,by purchasing from you I saved approx $240.00 Australian. The prices they want here is absolute bull. I purchase a lot from o.s. And ypur service and prompt delivery is unsurpassed by any company around the world. I got this item faster from you than I can get an item from Sydney to Adelaide,1000 mile. Thanks so much for your help.
Regards Dennis M.   down under. 
Randy - I ordered your repacement upgrade for the Magnetech charger on Tuesday and received it Wednesday. Installed the unit as advertised and am enjoying a very much improved 12V DC system in our truck camper. Thanks for the GREAT product and service. Cheers!
John E.  Calgary, AB
I received my converter upgrade kit and installed it this past Saturday morning. It was everything it was advertised to be. The instructions that I printed off your website were clear and concise. Anybody that can read and use a screwdriver can install one in under an hour. Thank you and I will definitely be recommending your company and products to anyone who will listen. Thanks again.
Dale M.  Winnipeg, Mb.
Hi Randy, Just a message to let you know that I am very pleased with my order of the CS6000 replacement converter board for my Centurion 3000. I ordered it on Sat. 06/20/09 and it arrived here in Peterborough Ont. Canada 06/24/09. I never expected to see it soo soon considering that it would have to clear customs. Was somewhat leary about ordering the product but after reading the testimonials felt very comfortable. The CS6000 was simple to install and appears to be working just fine. Thank's
Best Regards Bert J.  Peterborough On. Canada
Hello Randy,  Just to let you know.  I plugged the new converter in and hooked up my battery and guess what???  Everything is A OK.  I would like to Thank You again for taking time to call me back and the email.  Plus I downloaded all the pictures you had in your site about my converter.  I could not have done this without you.  I will remember you next time I need something for my trailer.  I am going to spread your name all over the RV sites I have booked marked.  Hope you have a good life.
Michael & Susan
Hello Randy just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for your help, I called and spoke with you this morning about my converter problem.  As Im sure you know electrical problems are very frustrating to us that dont know much about them and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and steer me to the upgrade so I wont have this problem again!  I ordered the unit you recommended this afternoon and look forward to getting it installed!
Thanks again.
Abe B.  Orem UT
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for running a company that truly is what it says it is. I don't know how America got to be so in to the large store BS but I still love that little store feel and the dedication of the small time entrepreneur. On time and it is up and running. Thanks again.
Bronson M.  Waelder, TX
It's been probably 6 months or so since I replaced my converter just wanted to say it is working really well for me, it seems like it brought back new life to my batteries.
Thanks Tom G.  Olympia, WA
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new WFCO 9855 converter/charger. I replaced my old unit in our 1988 Airstream motorhome. This upgrade added to our pair of AGM batteries is a huge improvement! The most difficult part of the swap was removing the drawer to access the unit. Thanks again for the fine and fast service.
Jim J.  Seymour, IN
Randy: Just to let you know that when I followed your instructions and attached the red wire from the converter to the top of the DC fuse panel (where the blue wire used to be) everything worked fine. No sparks, and the new converter seems to be doing its job. I'll know better in a couple of weeks when we go to the mountains for a few days. The desulfaters are installed on each pair of batteries, and appear to be functioning as they should. We'll see how much they rejuvenate my batteries over the next 6 months or so. Anyway, just to let you know how satisfied I am, and to thank you for your help. I will recommend you to others.
Frank B.  Calgary, Alberta
Just wanted to say thanks for helping when I ordered the wrong 6300 upgrade kit. I payed the difference for the 3 phase system over the phone, followed your installation pictures, and it is working great. I will recommed you to anyone who might need your products. My converter arrived a day earlier than expected and took about 1 1/2 hours to install. Feel free to post my comments as needed. Once again-Thank You for your customer service.
Tim H.  Mesa, AZ
Received my converter today!  Have to say, along with your technical support and unbelievable quick shipping you are top notch!!!  Thank you for your help.  Hopefully I'll have time to install this weekend.
Thanks again,
Bob P.  Fresno, CA
Randy , Thanks for the fast service.. The kit arrived today and I installed it ASAP.. Guess what , it works GREAT.. I took a little longer than the 1/2 hour estimate .. But since I am retired , no big deal.. Again , thanks for the great service and I will recommend Best Converter highly.. We belong to the Cedar Creek RV Owner's Club. Several of our members have had converter problems recently .. So I will pass on the word of your company.. BTW , thanks for the great book that was included.. I will have to try and digest some of the information inside.. Thanks and good luck,
John R.  Kansas City, KS
Randy Thank you for the prompt service I really appreciate it. I have it installed and working fine. You saved me a lot of money the local R.V. wanted in the neighbor hood of 245 for the converter and $75 a hour to install it. It took me a about I hour to install it. Thanks again.
Russ  S.  Intrlochen, MI
I ordered a Xantrex converter last Thursday afternoon and picked it up at Ogdensburg UPS shop on Friday afternoon. Now thats what I really call good service !! I hate to jinx it, but I have now fitted it and it looks like all my electrical problems have been cured. Thanks again for the great service. Regards, Mike N.  Pembroke, ON Canada
The board you sold me for the Dometic RM 3663 was installed yesterday and the frig is working the way it is suppose to on gas.  I certainly do appreciate the help you provided in diagnosing the problem.  It is great to have the problem fixed and have confidence that I will not lose all of my perishables again while traveling.
Thanks again, Tom A.
Just wanted to say thanks for the great service.I ordered on a Monday and received the next Tuesday.What amazes me is that I live in Newfoundland, Canada and you guys were able to get my converter to me in such a short length of time, and without any real extra expense.I will highly recommend you to all my fellow campers...thanks again and have a great camping season.
Kim & Danny W. Newfoundland, Canada
Back in 2004, the Magnatek in my 1988 Gulf Stream RV gave up the ghost along with the cheap hybrid 12V coach batteries. I purchased a PD-9145 with Charge Wizard from your company and replaced the batteries with a pair of quality 6V deep cycle batteries. I stay plugged into shore power 24/7 while parked at home and my batteries are as strong today as the day I installed them. I also hardly ever have to add water to them. No boiling batteries any more. A modern smart charging converter is definitely the way to go and BestConverter.com is the place to buy one. I always point folks on RV.net who are having converter issues to you your site.
Scott W.  Martinez, GA
Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know the converter arrived about 1 hour ago, is already installed and works great. Thank you for your call last night, you understand what customer service is all about. We will be on our way to Florida on time...
Gary R.  Wake Forest, NC
Hi! Absolutely excellent customer service, Randy! Two phone calls to you answered all my engineering questions and you were able to ship my new Xantrex converter the same day - and it arrived in only two days. Great service and a great product, it just doesn't get any better .... Thanks again and I'll be buying additional equipment soon.
Dave L.  Lakeport, CA
Randy: Sincere thanks for the time you spent with me Thursday a week ago when I was down in Boise. It was good to close the discussion on the Parallax converter voltage situation, and I benefitted from the time spent demo'ing the tank level display choices. I wanted to ask you more about your Army career, but you had phone calls and business to take care of. But most importantly on that last subject, as an American, I sincerely wanted to shake your hand and say "Thank you for your service!"
Sincerely, Dave H.  Woodinville, WA
Hi Randy,  
Just a note to thank you and say that we love the quick and personalized service that you are providing for us and all your customers. I our particular case the 30 foot Adventure Mfg., Timberlodge trailer will be a Civil Air Patrol Communications and Command mobile center and will actually have two power centers in it, the existing OEM WFCO unit and this Parallax unit which will provide power to the communications center. It will be a rather capable and well powered trailer when it hits