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Xantrex XADC Converter Charger

TrueCharge RV™ XADC Series
The Xantrex XADC has been discontinued by Xantrex and no longer available.  We have a few of the 30 amp distribution panels left but that is all, no more XADC converters.  We will leave the data and manuals up for awhile for those needing tech information.
We recommend the Iota DLS series or Progressive Dynamics 9200 series as a replacement or alternative to the XADC. 
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Magnetek Fuse Board
Magnetek Fuse Board
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TrueCharge RV™
TrueCharge XADC can be used as a stand alone deck mount converter/charger or a full power center with optional 30 amp or 50 amp distribution panel

Quick battery charging and safer DC power distribution for RVs. TrueCharge RV is the perfect DC power source for the most demanding RVs.
Wide range of input voltages and frequencies (90-140 Vac, 50-70Hz)
Incorporates an exclusive "soft start" initial ramp-up feature
  Recharges completely “dead” batteries (0 volts) 
How it works:
The microprocessor controller cycles the converter through three stages by precisely regulating the voltage and current delivered to the battery.
Cycling through these stages during charging ensures a fast, safe and complete charge, without risk of excessive gassing, over-charging and battery damage.
The first stage in the charging process - bulk – is a constant current mode that replaces 80% of the battery’s capacity very quickly. The charger applies its maximum output current, or as much as the battery will take, while the battery voltage rises.
When the battery voltage reaches a predetermined level, the absorption voltage, operation switches to the next stage.
The second stage absorption – is a constant voltage mode and replaces the remaining 20% capacity. The charger voltage is held steady (120 minutes ± 20 depending on the time required to reach peak voltage) while the current falls as the battery approaches full charge.
The final stage - float - the charger voltage is lowered and held constant at a safe value of 13.5 volts DC. This prevents the battery from being overcharged, while allowing the charger to supply enough current to maintain the battery at a full state of charge. The float stage makes up for the self-discharge losses of the battery and enables support of additional DC loads on the RV.
A first in the industry...Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit is designed to draw a sinusoidal current from the AC input line that is exactly in phase with the input voltage. As a result, the converter exhibits a power factor that is very close to unity or one, which is ideal.
Xantrex power factor corrected converters are rated at greater than 0.95 power factor, compared to a rating of approximately 0.7 power factor for converters that are not power factor corrected. The improved power factor results in approximately 30% less AC input current required to deliver the same DC charging current.
The Xantrex TrueCharge RV is a complete family of advanced converter/chargers designed for today’s power-hungry RV. With up to 80 amps of output, the XADC features true three-stage battery charging for fast recharge times and longer battery life. The TrueCharge RV is the first converter on the market with power-factor corrected charging (PFC), significantly reducing AC power draw, while making more power available to receptacle loads and air conditioning.

Replaceable fuses, standard footprint sizes, and accessible terminal buses ensure the TrueCharge RV is easy to install and service. The TrueCharge RV has been designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements of UL 458 and FCC (Class B) regulations. This ensures it installs safely into any RV and runs quietly, minimizing interference with radios, televisions and wireless devices.

The TrueCharge RV is available with an optional AC/DC electrical panel for a truly integrated power distribution solution. The panel and converter can be mounted together or separately for maximum flexibility when selecting an installation location. Featuring up to 10 single or dual AC breakers and 11 DC circuits, this panel can be configured to safely accommodate any electrical set-up required.

Converter Features

  •  Three models with 40, 60 or 80 Adc output  
  • Microprocessor controlled, multi-stage battery charger 
  •  Power-factor-corrected charging significantly reduces AC draw needed for charging 
  •  Easy, three-lead connection from converter to panel, and converter to battery 
  •  Wide range of input voltages and frequencies (90-140 Vac, 50-70Hz) 
  •  Recharges completely “dead” batteries (0 volts) 
  •  Input and output ventilation located on same side for maximum cooling 
  •  Ultra-quiet fan operation allows cabin-vented installations without fan noise

Electrical Panel Features

  •  Two models available with 30 or 50 A distribution (identical footprints) 
  •  Both AC and DC connections in one panel for fast and easy installation 
  •  Stackable panel and converter lock together into a single unit for serviceable, cabin-facing installations 
  •  Accepts dual “stab-lok” style double breakers for maximum number of AC output branches  at minimal cost (eight for 30A panel, 10 for 50A panel)
  •  Accepts 11 standard auto style DC fuses 
  •  Includes seven AC knockout and seven DC knockouts. All knockouts can be opened to either 1/2 inch trade size or 3/4 inch (nested)
  •  Removable DC fuse board for ease of wiring